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Aluminum Repair Waco, TX

Can you repair aluminum on your truck?  

We can’t speak for any other shop, but here at Anderson Precision Collision, we specialize in repairing each type of auto aluminum part and understand not all aluminum is the same. Aluminum is quickly becoming the material of choice for car & truck models because of its unique property of being lightweight, allowing for better fuel efficiency and demonstrating superior strength than steel during a collision. Although both materials are similar in that they are metal and used for auto bodies, they are also very different in how they perform when it comes to collision repair. Aluminum panels will require different paint primers, specially coated fasteners, sealants, and completely different metalworking procedures. They require the metal to be heated up to a particular temperature before our technicians can smooth it. Auto shop technicians need specific knowledge or training to do aluminum repairs properly. If they don’t have this experience, it’s not likely they would be able to fix things correctly and in a time-efficient manner. Repairing the impact area without damaging the surrounding metal can be difficult and requires special skills, welding materials, and other equipment.

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What happens during the aluminum repair process?

When making auto repairs we have to ensure we use the right material as different vehicle manufacturers use different aluminum types on each auto part, mixed with other alloys, giving it unique characteristics. Aluminum is a work-hardened material and behaves differently than steel. When steel is heated, it will still maintain its shape or original structure. On the other hand, aluminum will adapt and take on a new form and becomes stronger when stamped into shape.

The panels have to be heated to 400 degrees F to allow the metal to soften when making a repair or pulling the damaged area. If heated to 750 degrees F, aluminum becomes permanently changed, and then the structural rigidity of the part becomes permanently annealed. Once heated to the appropriate temperature, you can now reshape the panel to make the repair. It would be best if you work quickly because of aluminum’s high thermal conductivity and ability to dissipate heat very quickly. When exposed to the air, a thin coating of aluminum oxide forms in only a few minutes. You can remove this oxide using a stainless-steel brush, an abrasive grinding disc, and an inline removal tool. This is just one of the many ways we can repair aluminum auto parts.

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