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What is an auto collision repair center? 

Suppose you have recently been in an accident or have had any structural or outer body physical damage to your vehicle. In that case, you may benefit from taking your vehicle to an auto body collision repair center. Their primary function is to repair, restore, refinish, and replace your vehicle’s damaged internal and external components. Whether it’s damaged body or structural damage, electric elements, chipped paint, windshields, or windows, we have experts who can help. Ultimately, our goal is to restore your vehicle internally and externally to its pre-accident or pre-damaged condition. 


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Collision repair centers specialize in repairing most types of damage done to your vehicle and can make it look and perform like brand new. These specialized repairs typically start with our automotive repair & paint staff reviewing damage reports on your car to plan out the scope of the work needed and prepare an estimate for the car owner. Once we reach an approved agreement, our experts will begin removing the damaged auto body parts.

Auto repair technicians use various tools like pneumatic tools, metal-cutting guns, plasma cutters, hydraulic jacks, and common hand tools to do their work. Their typical jobs include removing damaged body parts like bumpers, hoods, grills trim, and fenders. Realigning the damaged vehicle’s frame or chassis to repair the structural damage. Removing minor dents, straightening metal panels, then repairing & priming the refurbished surface, and finally applying the new finish to the repaired body part. 

What to look for in a collision repair shop?

Unfortunately, if you require an excellent auto body collision repair shop due to an auto accident, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which shop to use. Ultimately, you want a repair shop that will get your vehicle repaired quickly and at a reasonable price, but there are a few other considerations to keep in mind.

The most important consideration to keep in mind is the experience of the collision repair center. Although this might sound obvious many individuals will just take their vehicle to their auto insurance preferred shop without doing proper research on them or who would be best for them individually. Check out local online directories and make sure they have good reviews for their auto work and customer experience. Ask family and friends about their experience with the repair shop to ensure you are getting quality work from a trustworthy shop. Find out what certifications their mechanics have, they show that the collision repair shop has the appropriate experience and skills needed to perform the necessary repairs safely.  

Next, check to see if they offer a warranty on their work done and your car while it is in their care. Also, inquire if car rentals are on-site for your convenience while your vehicle is getting its required repairs. This will save time and make your experience much easier. 

When contacting the repair shop, get an estimate, preferably in writing. Any good repair shop will tell you the full detailed work on your car, including the repair, the needed parts, and the estimated cost of labor for the job. 

Finally, ask them as many questions as you can. A good repair shop will also have helpful staff who will answer every question fully and as thoroughly as they can. 

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How long do auto body collision repairs take and what do I look for after the work is done?

On average, there are over 16,400 car accidents a day. The damage inflicted to each vehicle during these accidents is never the same, meaning the time it takes to make the repairs to each vehicle is dependent on many factors. The different auto body types, internal mechanisms based on the manufacture specs, and the severity of the impact during the accident can dictate the amount of time it will take to get your vehicle repaired and running like before the collision. Even though you may not get an exact date, we can follow a few guidelines to get an idea of the time it will take to complete your repairs. 

The most significant factor in determining your repair timeframe is the amount and severity of the vehicle’s damage during the collision. Based on the estimate you get from the collision center, you understand how long your car will be in service. Keep in mind that the estimate given and the time it takes to repair your vehicle may differ for many reasons. Our collision center strives to address and fix all needed repairs quickly and accurately. The exact time and work required for your repairs may not be determined until we have closely examined your vehicle. The repair may be more intensive than first estimated, or finding new issues after the vehicle’s outer parts are removed for inspection. Suppose our technicians find more significant damage to the vehicle’s critical components during the inspection. In that case, your vehicle will need more intensive bodywork. You can expect a much lengthier wait time before you get your car back on the road. Although this makes it more time-consuming, it is necessary to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly back into a pre-collision state. If your car sustained minor damage from a low-speed collision, the repair work likely wouldn’t be extensive and should only take about a week to fix. Depending on the severity, smaller jobs like scratch removal may only take a few days to complete. 

If the accident is bad enough to get the insurance company involved, the company’s approval will impact how long it takes to get your car repaired. The time it takes for the insurance company to communicate with the collision center about estimates and approval may delay when repairs will start on your vehicle, in return pushing the return date back for your car. Most insurance companies respond within a few days. 

It’s essential to keep these factors in mind when estimating the time needed for your vehicle’s repair. If we find something that will extend your car’s visit with our collision center, we’ll be sure to notify you and your insurance as soon as possible so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your schedule. We understand it is frustrating having to wait to get your car repaired after an accident. We will ensure we do our best to keep that time as short as possible but safely. It’s better to have your vehicle fully repaired with a slight delay than not having your car returned to you in the proper working condition. 

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