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Suspension & Alignment in Waco, TX

Anderson Precision’s suspension & alignment?  

Your suspension & alignment are responsible for keeping your vehicle running smoothly, ensuring you and your passengers have a comfortable and balanced ride throughout your drive. Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems allow the car to keep its tires on the ground and maneuver under control. It’s what keeps your car from veering from side to side. If you feel your car is swaying side to side, bouncing, making weird squeaking noises, we recommend getting your vehicle inspected to ensure there are no suspension issues. Our experienced certified technicians will conduct a meticulous inspection of your suspension & alignment, steering, and other possible causes for your car handling problems. We will also ensure to explain all of your vehicle’s issues and let you know which parts we recommend fixing right away and which ones that can wait. We will then determine the best option for your vehicle that fits your budget. Neglecting your steering and suspension issues could result in hazardous driving dangers and conditions quickly.


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Questions & Signs that indicate you need to get your suspension & alignment checked? 

  • Is your vehicle drifting from side to side or a particular side when you let go of the wheel?
  •  Do you have trouble steering your car? This is a clear indication of suspension issues?
  •  Does your vehicle have complications when driving on uneven roads or over dips?
  •  Does your vehicle continue to bounce after going over a bump?
  •  Do you experience and shaking in your tires?
  •  Does your steering wheel feel like it’s slipping or not as tight as it did before?
  • Do you have uneven tire tread on your wheels? 

We will examine all of your cars suspension parts, including:

  • Check your power steering fluid
  • Ensure all of your nuts and bolts are tight
  • Ensure your tires are balanced so that there is no uneven tread or tire wear and tear
  • Check your car’s alignment
  • Check your struts or shocks
  • Check your steering wheel alignment

How often should you have your suspension & alignment checked? 

How often you get your suspension & alignment checked depends on what kind of road conditions you drive on. If you drive on a real bumpy road or drive over many potholes, it probably is a good idea to do it at least once a year. Other than that, you can probably get it checked every two or three years when you are replacing your tires. Any time you notice that your vehicle is not driving right, you should get your suspension looked at.

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